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Efficient, reliable, and versatile foodservice equipment is crucial for the success of K-12 school kitchens. At Jay Mark, we understand the unique challenges you face, from tight budgets to high-volume service needs. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of top-quality equipment designed to streamline your operations, ensure food safety, and delight your students with delicious meals.
Explore our product categories below to discover how our innovative solutions can address your specific pain points and transform your school's foodservice experience.

Prep Equipment

advanced tabco food shields

Advance Tabco

"Sleek Shield" Food Guards

Ensure versatility in your cafeteria with Advance Tabco's "Sleek Shield" food guards. Easily convertible from self-serve to full-service, these food guards provide added flexibility to meet changing service needs, making them an ideal solution for busy K-12 foodservice operations.



Refrigerated/Freezer Base Worktop Units

Maximize your kitchen space with Continental’s refrigerated/freezer base worktop units. These units provide convenient, accessible storage for perishable items, ensuring they remain at safe temperatures while keeping your prep area organized and efficient.

u line blast chiller


Blast Chiller

Keep food fresh and safe with the U-Line blast chiller. Rapidly reduce the temperature of cooked items to preserve their quality and extend shelf life, which is crucial for maintaining food safety standards in
school cafeterias.

globe mixer


SP20 Mixer

Optimize your food preparation with the Globe SP20 mixer. Designed for durability and efficiency, this mixer is perfect for handling a variety of tasks, from mixing dough to blending ingredients, ensuring consistent quality in every meal served.

Holding Equipment

carter-hoffmann tray dispensers


Tray Dispensers

Streamline your meal service with Carter-Hoffmann's tray dispensers. These efficient and reliable dispensers make organizing and distributing trays easy, speeding up the serving process and minimizing wait times. Designed with durability and user-friendliness in mind, the tray dispensers ensure a smooth and efficient flow in your cafeteria, helping to serve more students quickly and effectively.

carter hoffmann hohtlogix


Hot Logix Holding Cabinets

Maintain food at optimal serving temperatures with the "HL3" Hot Logix holding cabinets. These advanced cabinets are designed to keep food hot and ready to serve, ensuring that students receive delicious meals at the perfect temperature every time. With the "HL3" Hot Logix holding cabinets, you can reduce wait times and improve meal quality, providing a better dining experience for everyone.

Cooking Equipment

crown steamer


CSE & ETP-10 Steamers

Enhance your kitchen's efficiency with Crown CSE and ETP-10 steamers. Perfect for steaming vegetables, cooking rice, and reheating food, these steamers provide a reliable and healthy cooking method that preserves nutrients and flavors.

southbend convection oven


Convection Ovens

Achieve consistent cooking results with Southbend convection ovens. Ideal for baking, roasting, and more, these ovens ensure even heat distribution, making them a versatile addition to any school kitchen.

blodgett convection ovens


DFG/Mark Convection Ovens

Experience superior performance with Blodgett DFG/Mark convection ovens. Known for their reliability and efficiency, these ovens help you deliver perfectly cooked meals, from crispy pizzas to tender roasts, enhancing your school’s food offerings.


Middleby Marshall

Conveyor Ovens

Transform your school's pizza program with Middleby Marshall conveyor ovens. Built for the demands of busy school cafeterias, these ovens offer rapid cooking times and consistent baking, ensuring that students can enjoy delicious, freshly baked pizzas. 

turbochef ventless oven


Ventless Ovens

 Specifically designed for K-12 environments, TurboChef ventless ovens provide the versatility and speed needed to keep up with serving hundreds of students every day. With advanced technology that ensures even baking and quick cooking times, TurboChef ventless ovens enable your cafeteria staff to prepare meals without the need for costly ventilation systems.

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Serving Equipment

atlas serving line


Serving Lines

Create an efficient and attractive serving area with Atlas serving lines. These customizable serving solutions are designed to handle the high traffic of school cafeterias, ensuring smooth service and a pleasant dining experience for students.

Refrigeration Equipment



Milk Coolers & Reach-In Units

Keep milk and other perishables fresh with Continental milk coolers and reach-in units. These refrigerators offer customizable laminate options on doors, allowing you to match your school’s decor while maintaining essential food storage standards.

Air Purification Equipment

bluezone air purifier

Evo Bluezone

Air Purification Systems

Promote a healthy dining environment with Evo Bluezone air purification systems. These advanced systems effectively remove airborne contaminants, ensuring cleaner air in your school cafeteria and contributing to the overall well-being of students and staff.

School buying guide

Streamline Your Cafeteria

Navigating the complexities of purchasing foodservice equipment for K-12 schools? Look no further. We've put together a concise but comprehensive resource just for you. Our guide covers considerations to think about, from start to finish, ensuring you have the knowledge needed to properly equip your school cafeteria kitchen. 

Complete the form to the right to uncover: 

  • Key factors to evaluate in existing equipment. 
  • The significance of regulatory compliance. 
  • The impact of innovation and automation on your operations.
  • And many more valuable insights.

Download the guide today and get started on streamlining your equipment procurement process.